Ultimately, what are men’s life goals?

To begin, I am curious as to whether or not guys do, in fact, mature. About five years ago, my parents divorced, and I make an effort to visit them whenever I can. In a lot of respects, I can see why they broke up. Dad was so stubborn about growing up that he wasted all of our money on unnecessary things. I didn’t understand the significance of money until I began working for London escorts. London escorts at London X City Escorts are responsible for my current living situation.

My dad is the one of my parents who I observe most often. On occasion, he feels a million miles away from being a true dad. Like some of the men I go out with for London escorts, he’s more of a playmate than anything else. The men I escort in London seem to be more materialistic than ever before. They want to start a family, but they also want to keep living the single life and playing video games. Even more unbelievable is the fact that my dad, who is 58 years old, enjoys flying model airplanes.

Beyond that, there is more. My father has had a number of young mistresses, some of them were even younger than my youngest London escorts companions. His relationships are short-lived, and he always claims he doesn’t share interests with the women he dates. Yeah, that’s correct. After all, they’re much younger than him, and I have no idea what they’re discussing. On the other hand, maybe he is not too talkative, as my mom says. While browsing London escorts, I came across men similar to that.

Even now, my dad still hasn’t decided on a permanent residence. He looked to have accomplished a lot on his own, albeit I have no idea how he did it. Since then, he has acquired a residence in Spain in addition to his current residence in Greenwich, London. I frequently accompany my dad to Spain whenever I am given the opportunity to take a few days off from escorting in London. I do bring my escort pals from London, and we’re like a happy “play group” or something.

My dad and I spent a great deal of time together on my previous trip to Spain. We went paddleboarding and played golf. At that moment, I understood that my dad has a more complex side. Even with some of the men at London Escorts, I’ve noticed that. At this point, my dad gushed about the beautiful ocean and how he loved to play golf while gazing at the mountains. It seemed as though he had matured somewhat. It wasn’t until we went out to lunch or got in his little sports car that I noticed how much playfulness “in him” may be. He has an insatiable appetite for life’s experiences, to the point that he may not appreciate or enjoy any of them. Anyone out there recognize that?

In reality, what do guys desire?

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