While some escorts are seasoned veterans when it comes to using butt plugs, others are complete novices when it comes to anal play. Even if you’re into anal sex, it’s a little intimidating to get started. For a pleasurable moment, it is critical to make ensure you are going at the right pace in order to experience some pleasurable moments. Besides, it is good to have the right tool. If you are a beginner, you can start off with a finger then to small toys as you work your way up. Discussed below are some of the top butt plugs that can give you some awesome anal experience.

1. Naughty Candy Heart

Are you looking to try something different in bed? Well, a heart candy themed silicone plug might just help you do the trick. It comes in three messages and color. In addition, they are non-porous, easy to clean with soap and water, and super smooth. Besides, they just cute as heck!

2. Hello Kitty Butt Plug

If you cannot decide which beginner plug to use, honestly, let the hello kitty into your life. The toy is short with a manageable size. The main merit of this toy is that you can remove the decal and wash it so it can stay perfectly intact.

3. Satisfyer Plugs

If you are seeking for a little variety when it comes to texture, then these silicone texture toys are for you. They come in different sizes from beginner to immediate. Additionally, they have rings at the base which is easier to remove and are smooth as fuck. To enjoy using this toy, add a little water-based lube and you are set to go.

4. Mini Twist Plug with Long Stem

If you are feeling a little fancy and can indulge in a glass plug that adds some twisty, yet sensational feeling when you insert it and wants to have that Oh YEAH feeling, just head on and buy this toy.

5. The B Balls

The B Balls toy features a weighted ball that reacts to your emotions with little vibrations that provide stimulation to your anal play. You can actually where this toy in clothes and it will give you some spectacular foreplay. Besides, you can incorporate it into your sex routine.

6. Snug Plug

At times, you just need a simple toy which does not include whistles and bells, in such times, the Snug plug should be your gal. They come in different colors, size, and weight; hence, there is an option for people of all butts with different experience levels.

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Best Butt Plugs

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